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Polish is spoken throughout Poland (population 40 million) as well as by about 250,000 people in neighbouring Lithuania and Germany. Because of the emigration from Poland during various time periods, millions of Polish speakers can be found all over the world, including Canada, America and the United Kingdom.

The Polish alphabet, like English, is based on the Latin alphabet, but the numerous diacritical marks and consonant clusters make it very hard to pronounce at first sight for those who don’t know the corresponding sounds.


Children may like to have a go at the words on the Word List by matching the letters to the following sounds:

Cz = ch Ś = soft sh Ć = softer ch

cześć (hello)

Dz = j (like j in jam)     ń = nasal ny combination

dzień     (day)

dzień dobry [dobree] (good day)

Sz = sh (hard sh like in shush!) ę = nasal “a” (as in apple)