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William Patten Primary School


On Tuesday 1A kicked off class visits to Hackney Museum as part of Black History Month. This year the focus was on ‘Black Activism and Spoken Word.’ We became history detectives and investigated some mysterious suitcases and bags to find out who they belonged to. We discovered a special school cap and a maths book from 1972 inside one of the bags, some of us thought that was 100 years ago! We found out that these items belonged to a young boy called Vivian Underwood who attended Hackney Downs Boys School (now Mossbourne) in 1972, and at age 12 he had a poetry book published which sold 8,000 copies! In our groups we explored the contents of other suitcases that belonged to different people who came to Hackney in different circumstances. In our groups we wrote poems about the items we found and the people they belonged to and the stories behind them, then shared them with everyone else.