William Patten Primary School
Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0NX

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William Patten Primary School


William Patten have hosted 3 Playstreets so far. We were introduced to the concept of Playstreet by Claudia Draper ( Florence 2T) who is a parent at WP, but also works for Hackney Play Association (HPA). The way that it works is that residents close off their streets to through traffic for a few hours, so that children can play out more safely and neighbours come together – making streets friendlier for all. Claudia and her super gang of volunteer helpers have made our Playstreets such a success with over 100 children and adults attending each time. We’ve played cricket, drawn on the pavements with chalk, played Tug O’ War, French skipping, eaten ice lollies and of course have had lots of fun. William Patten has been a case study for HPA and we hope to encourage other schools to host a Playstreet. See for what we said!