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William Patten Primary School


On Wednesday and Thursday Year 1 set off for Woodberry Wetlands to support our Science topic on Animals including Humans. Even the cold, rain and mud couldn’t stop us from discovering more about the different habitats minibeasts and animals live in. We added to our knowledge about animals and their diets and if they were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. In groups we went pond dipping and on a mini beast hunt. We collected samples from the pond and tried to classify them looking in detail at the animal and its features. We discovered many stickleback fish, freshwater hog louse (cousin to the woodlouse), damselflies, pond snails and water boatmen. We found worms, woodlice and even a tiger slug on our minibeasts hunt! It was great to see that animals use their instincts to survive through cold winters and use hibernation to see themselves through to spring. We hope to visit again in the warmer months to see how the animals have developed and how the warmer seasons bring change to the animals and their habitats. Did you know that a wood louse is part of the crustacean family? Woodlice are the only crustaceans that are adapted to the life on the ground (other crustaceans spend their life in or near the water) and they still have gills to help them breathe!