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Dear parents,

I hope you and your families are well. We are now in week 4 of school closures with some families having self-isolated for longer than that. I hope you have been able to settle into a routine that works for you, managing work, home learning, exercise and contacting friends and extended family. We have been speaking to a number of families and it has been so lovely to hear your voices, with your children saying hello in the background!
Home Learning
All the teachers are thoroughly enjoying the amazing work being shared on Google classroom, as are SMT, Caitlin and myself. I hope the new system of uploading the work on Sunday has been helpful and reduced the pressure of having to complete work daily. Please remember that the expectation would be that any work for the week is completed by Friday, so that it can be marked by the teacher. If work is ‘turned in’, the teachers will return it only, as they are not able to comment.
Some families are doing other home learning such as accessing the BBC resources. Some families are doing a mix of school set work and activities which have come from stories, poems or games etc. I wanted to reassure families that there is no right or wrong way to do this and you must you find what works for you and your children. If other learning activities are more appropriate for your children, then that’s fine. We would love to see anything you are doing, so please share via GC.
I am always on the lookout for lovely work to share on our Instagram page william_patten_n16.
Home Learning next week
The Bank Holiday is on Friday 8th May to celebrate VE day. So work for next week will only be for four days Monday – Thursday. In Years 1 – 6 work will be 3 Maths lessons, 2 Literacy lessons and a creative mat.
Singing assembly songs
Alison has recorded some of our favourite singing assembly songs for children in Reception / KS1 and children in KS2. We have put them in your child’s class work folder, so they can have a lovely singalong. You can join in too, as we have also included all the words! They are available from 6pm today

Daily storytime
The daily storytimes for each year group have proved popular and are on your child’s class stream daily at 3pm. It might be a story or poem or in the case of Year 6, a lateral thinking puzzle!

Calling home
We know that the children are missing the teachers and teachers are missing their children! The school is so quiet, as we only have our keyworker provision children in and almost all staff are working from home. We have spoken with many families over the last few weeks, but not all. We have discussed this and so will be calling every child starting next week for quick catch up to say hello, we miss you, what have you been up to etc. It will be a call and not FaceTime however. More information about how this will work will be sent to parents tomorrow. Of course if you don’t want this to happen, you will be able to opt out.

I would like to thank you all for the messages of support you have shared with us via email or when we have been speaking to you on the phone. It has been so lovely to catch up and we look forward to talking to more of you next week!

Best wishes

Karen Law