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Dear parents,

I hope you and your families are keeping well and healthy, and are managing to get out for some exercise as well as keeping in contact with friends and family via social media and over the garden fence!

Online learning
We appreciate that adjusting to the new routine of children learning from home and many parents working from home will take some time to get used to. We understand that some children may be finding it difficult to adjust to doing school work at home, without the familiar routines of the school day and the expectations of their teachers. If your child is resistant, anxious or distressed, the following strategies can be helpful to support and encourage them:

• Start the day by making a timetable together: include snack and movement breaks, as well as school work – set it out in a table that they have to tick as they go
• Keep expectations achievable – for example, even if you know that your child is able to write two pages in school, reduce the expectation to less, with carefully checked writing
• If you don’t finish the day’s work, don’t worry – it can always be completed at another time

We also recognise that parents are trying to juggle work, home schooling and life, which can be difficult at the best of times! Each day will be different and we don’t want parents to feel that there is pressure to always complete everything on the day. Over time, a regular routine will develop as everyone adjusts to the situation and as time goes on your child will develop the skills and resilience to work at home.
If after the Easter break, the online learning situation is still challenging for you as a family, then please contact us and we can discuss additional ways in which we can help.

Uploading work to google classroom
Maya has made two very helpful films on how to upload work from a phone, tablet or laptop to Google classroom. Unfortunately, they are too big to attach to this email but if you would like to see it, please let us know and we can send it to you separately. Pleas let us know if you continue to experience issues with uploading work to Google classroom.

Projects for Easter
No online learning will be set by teachers during the Easter break, but we have two lovely creative projects that children might enjoy.
Easter is one of the religious festivals and celebrations that children learn about at William Patten during assemblies, class discussions and RE lessons. Unfortunately, we have not been able to learn about Easter due to the school closures, so we would like children to find out about how and why Christians celebrate Easter. All the information will be on Google classroom from Friday 3rd April.
To celebrate Easter, we would like the children to get creative and choose one of the activities below.
– Make an Easter bonnet
– Decorate an egg for Easter
– Design and make an Easter basket
Don’t forget to upload a photo of your creation.

We also have an art and design project from Sian, which is on Google homework too.

Message for your children from Helen English at Place2be
Please do share this with your children at a time you feel is appropriate.
Hello! It certainly feels very different at the moment doesn’t it? I find that on some days I feel happy that the sun is shining and I can go for a walk and on other days I feel sad and worried. It’s ok to have a whole mixture of feelings, sometimes all in one day! The most important thing is that you talk to your trusted grown up about anything that is worrying you, even if you think it is small. If you find it hard to say what you are feeling then write it down, or draw a picture or sing a song. However you choose to express yourself is absolutely fine and will help you get things off your mind. Doing some exercise each day will really help, I know your teachers will have sent you lots of ideas! How well you eat and sleep will also make a big difference to how you are feeling.
This year’s theme, ‘Finding Your Brave’ seems very important at the moment. Being brave looks different for everybody. One of the best ways to be brave is to choose kindness, which was our theme a few years ago. Whether it’s at home with our siblings who are annoying us or on a group chat with friends, we can always decide to do or say something kind, even when that feels really difficult! Give it a go. See if you can do at least one act of kindness each day, especially when you notice the people around you are fed up or seem sad – that’s when a bit of kindness goes a long way! It will make you feel good too.

We have set up an Instagram account to keep in touch and share the lovely things that children are doing at home. Look out for us!

william_ patten_n16

Wishing all our families a happy Easter break and although we won’t see you all afterwards, we will be thinking of everyone! We are missing you!

Best wishes

Karen Law