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Dear all,

Welcome back to our Reception children who started back this week. It was so lovely to see you (you have been amazing settling into the new routines and new classes, you are superstars!) and we are looking forward to seeing Year 6 back in school on 22nd June. I do realise that the year groups not returning to school are extremely disappointed, as are we. As you will have seen in the news this week, the plan to get all primary children back to school for a month has been scrapped. A national plan for schools in September has not been published. I realise that the lack of certainty is incredibly unsettling for parents and children and I will update parents with information for the new academic year as soon as I can.

We are very aware that the children in Nursery, Years 1,2,3,4 and 5 are missing their teachers hugely. The teachers are missing the children very much too, so we have thought carefully about what we can do to provide closure for the end of the year, how we can look forward to the new year in September and what we can do in between. I know you will appreciate that this has taken a great deal of time to plan logistically, due to everything we need to ensure is in place to reduce risk for children and staff and taking into account staffing availability and capacity. Please see below for more details.

Message from the Chair of Governors
The Chair of Governors, Julian Winship, has asked me to pass on a letter from the Governing body regarding the wider school reopening.

End of year plans
Children in Nursery, Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be invited back to school for one day before the end of term to say goodbye to their teacher and friends. This will follow the same format as the wider reopening, with the children split into two groups of 15. Each group will spend one day in school with their teacher working on an art and literacy project celebrating family, community and togetherness. The work will be exhibited in the playground. Each bubble will also have a big picnic lunch. We are working on the timetable and details will be sent home shortly.

Meet the new teacher
All children from Nursery – Year 5, (so those children moving into Reception etc) will have the opportunity to meet their new teacher before the end of the year. The children will be in two groups, so one group would come in the morning and one in the afternoon. The children would meet their new teacher, look to the new year and work on a task that focuses on new beginnings. The child’s teacher-to-be would also join their Google Classroom stream, to get to know the children more.

Interactive sessions
From 22nd June, teachers will do an interactive session on Monday for a chat and catch up and to introduce the Creative Map activities. This session will be using Google Meet and parents will need to agree the school protocol for this beforehand and then the link would be shared with those families. More details to follow tomorrow.

Hackney E library
Hackney E Library is free to access with a Hackney Library card and joining is free and can be done from home. The E Library gives everyone access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines in 27 different languages as well as e books, audio books, recorded concerts, comics and learning and research resources like ancestry, Encyclopedia Britannica, Oxford dictionaries and more. For more information, please see the attached leaflet

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes