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Dear parents,

53 out of our 59 Year 6 children joined us this week and it was so lovely to see them back in school. Just like our keyworker provision and 40 Reception children, they have adapted to the different routines and systems so well. I have been very impressed with the resilience, patience and flexibility shown by all the children. They even had a practise fire alarm on Tuesday and were amazing! We are looking forward very much to seeing our Nursery, Years 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 children coming to visit in the next fortnight.

Plans for September
The Government announced last Friday that all children will be back in school after the summer holiday and they will provide guidance for schools, as to how this will work. In light of this announcement, we hope to welcome the children back in the Autumn term and then school can get back to how it should be, which would be a huge relief for everyone. I will communicate the school’s plans, when the Government has clarified the details.
Hope project
All children visiting over the next two weeks will complete a Literacy and Art project around the theme of ‘hope’, using resources from Place2be. The project’s theme will help children to think about the future and to remind them that over time the situation will change and that it is important to look to the future. We will decorate the trees in the playground with ‘rainbow wrapping’ and messages of hope. Our EYFS children will be making bunting to decorate the gates and Nursery and Reception outdoor areas, using rainbow colours. Reception and Year 6 children will also join the ‘hope’ project. We will post pictures of the trees and bunting on the school Instagram account.

Class photographs
We usually have class photographs taken during the summer term, but have not been able to do so, therefore will be doing our own WP 2020 version! On the day the children visit, we will take their photographs and then make our own class grid photos. We will call the families of children who are not able to come in and ask them to send a photo too, so that all the children are included. When finished, we will email a copy of the photo home. Staff will be part of the photo too.

Black Lives Matter
Many children may have questions about the images, stories, and conversations they hear on the news and around them and they may not fully understand Black Lives Matter and the issues that fuel the movement. As adults, it is our responsibility to engage in positive and open discussions about race and racism with our children. Please find attached a parents’ guide to Black Lives Matter which is being shared in local authorities including Hackney and Camden.

Spare tablets or laptops
At the beginning of lockdown, we gave the school laptops out to families to support access to Google Classroom. The laptops were quite old to begin with and have now started to freeze or fail. If you have a tablet or laptop that works and you no longer want or need, we would be very grateful for it. We will get the IT technician to clear it and add the necessary software / firewalls and we can allocate to families who need them. Thank you. The PTFA are also supporting the drive to provide families with technology if needed.

Fit For Sport Summer Holiday Camp
I am meeting with the Head of Operations next week to see whether we can offer a FFS summer camp for children at WP. I am hoping that it can run the usual hours of 8am – 6pm, with priority given to WP families. I will provide more details next week.

Class visits
Carole has sent home the information for parents about the class goodbye visits, if your child is coming next week. The information for children visiting in the week beginning 6th July will be emailed home on Tuesday. If you have any questions, please email the office or Carole on .

Have a lovely weekend!

Best wishes