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Dear parents,

We have come to the end of a very strange year (I have written that phrase many times!). This is my final message of the academic year, and contains updates and messages of thanks (quite a few of those!)

Staff leaving
• It is with sadness that I let you know that Helen, our wonderful Place2Be School Project Manager is leaving this term. Helen is going back to the school she used to work at, ‘headhunted’ is the phrase I believe! She has been such an asset to WP, an amazing support to the children, parents and staff, always calm and always seeking to reassure and help. She has been an oasis of calm in a in very busy world and will be hugely missed. Sarah, who has been a volunteer counsellor at WP this year, and knows us well, will take over as the new SPM.
• Lesley, our PPA teacher who has been with us since last December, is leaving as her contract has ended. She has been so helpful, particularly during this difficult time, supporting the key worker provision and then teaching the Red Reception bubble. I think flexibility, reliability and positivity are her middle names!
• Rebecca, our School Direct student, is leaving as she has finished her training. Rebecca worked in year 5 with Yeter and for the last five weeks has been teaching our Yellow reception bubble. She has been so helpful and supportive and such a valued member of the team.
We wish all three happiness and know that they will keep in touch, as once a part of WP, always a part of WP!
Class photo
As we were not able to have official class photographs this year, teachers made their own when the children visited to say goodbye. They are rather lovely! Your child’s class photo is attached. As it is not a paper copy, I would ask you to not share the photograph via social media.

Thank you to the staff team
I know that you will join me in thanking the team for their tremendous work, particularly over the last few months; their flexibility and commitment during a very difficult time is to be commended. They have been amazing. Staff have worked incredibly hard on GC, ensured that our Reception and Year 6 children enjoyed the final few weeks of term despite the unusual arrangements and the keyworker provision team have been fabulous! I must give special thanks to David and the cleaning team, who always make sure the school is clean and sparkly, but over the last few months, their job has been very difficult with the additional demands placed on them. They have been amazing and so a huge thank you to the marvellous cleaning crew!
The people who work at WP are a fabulous team and I know how fortunate I am to work with this amazing group of people. The staff can always be relied upon to go above and beyond what is necessary. Despite the usual, huge external pressures, the teamwork has continued, even during the coronavirus pandemic, which just demonstrates their commitment and dedication to the children and families of WP. Thank you.

Thank you to parents
I would also like to say a huge thank you to our parents and families, who always show such support for the school and particularly during the school closure. We have had so many messages of support that have meant so much (the cakes were appreciated too!).
At the start of this week, some boxes were delivered for the staff team working behind the scenes. Beautifully wrapped, they looked like very expensive chocolates. When I opened my box, I was slightly confused as it was obviously not chocolate, which I would have been very happy with! When I saw what was inside, I was completely overwhelmed by the extreme generosity of the parent community of WP. It has been a very strange time over the last few months, with highs and lows and throughout I have held it together, but struggled to do that at the kindness and generosity shown. The gift was totally unexpected. I love WP, the children, the staff and parents and I know how lucky I am to be the Headteacher of this very special school. I gave the other staff their gifts and their reaction has been the same as mine. I have had shock and tears in my office as the gifts were given out to the team. A huge thank you to everybody.
It is the strength of our community, which has enabled us to come through this. We have supported each other, looked out for each other and cared for each other, which is what families do. I am looking forward to having the ‘family’ back together in September.

And finally… a goodbye to Year 6
We wish our super Year 6 children a very fond farewell. Despite missing their Talent Show and BBQ and having a socially distanced graduation, with no parent audience, they have shown such strength and resilience. I am so proud of them all. A huge thank you to the PTFA for funding the fabulous Leavers’ Hoodies because they also wanted to acknowledge how difficult the situation had been for our oldest children, and ensure that the children had something to make up for missing some of their rites of passage. To all our year 6 children – wishing you happiness and joy in your futures and please do keep in touch. No invitation is ever needed to come back and say hello. You are always welcome at WP.
For some families, their time at WP has come to an end, and I would like to extend my thanks and good wishes to you all. Some families I have known for a very long time and I will miss you, and sorry that we have not been able to say goodbye in person.

I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and we look forward to seeing ALL the children back in school on Monday 7th September.

Best wishes