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William Patten Primary School


Dear parents,

We have reviewed our timetabling arrangements and will be making some changes from next week. Feedback from staff, children and parents has been very helpful in enabling us to identify what has been working well and what we have needed to review.


From Monday 19th October

The staggered starts and end times remain the same:

Morning play for KS1 and KS2 changes

There will be two playtime sessions in the morning Y4, Y5 and Y6 10:30am – 10:50am and Y1, Y2 and Y3 11:00am – 11:20am. Each year group will have a designated area of the playground for their playtime. We will rotate the spaces once the new systems are established
Lunch time

This will be from 12:30 – 1:30 across the whole school (Y1 – Y6)
Y1, Y2 and Y3 – will have lunch in the classroom before going outside to play.
Y4, Y5 and Y6 – will have playtime first before going for lunch in their classroom.

Reception lunch will change to 11.45am – 1.00pm

Afternoon Play

There is no timetabled playtime for Y3 – Y6, which is the same as usual. Teachers can take their classes to the roof garden for a break depending on their afternoon timetable. KS1 will have afternoon play 2.45 – 3pm


We have reviewed the drop off and collection arrangements for all year groups and in light of the changing situation in London too, we are making some changes to the procedures at the start and end of the day.

We are asking that all children in Year 1 – 6 are dropped off at the gate in the morning and that parents do not come into the playground. Families will still need to line up according to the signs on Lancell street and Dynevor road and when we open the gate, we will ask one class to come in first and then the other. The parents of Nursery and Reception children will still be able to come into school at the start of the day, but everyone must line up on their designated side and children must not play in the road.

At the end of the day, parents in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 will need to wait on the designated side of the street for their child’s class, observing social distancing guidelines. We will ask the parents of one class to come in first and then the other.

All other procedures, such as exit gates etc remain the same.

Whilst masks are not compulsory, as there is a large gathering of parents at these times, you may wish to wear them to help minimise risk to yourself and others.


We will be providing hot lunches as soon as we are back after half term. We will send the menu next week. As we are still unable to use the dining hall, the children will continue to have their lunch in their classrooms. Food will be served in a container similar to a takeaway carton. Any family who is not entitled to a school lunch, but would like one for their child will now be able to purchase them through SIMS Agora at £2.75 a day, starting on Monday 2nd November.

If you have any questions, then please get in touch.

Best wishes