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William Patten Primary School


Dear Parents,

It is hugely disappointing that children have been unable to return to school as planned today due to the Tier 4 COVID-19 restrictions, which prevent London primary schools from opening until 18th January. We have sent you several emails today explaining the remote education that we will offer, Google Meet links to meet with your class teacher every day and also a list on online resources which you may find useful.

This email is to explain how we will continue to teach reading during school closure. All work will be allocated on the RWI – Y1 Sept 2020 – 2021, which your child already has access to.

Year 1 children: You will be familiar with using the RWI Google Classroom , as we did the same during the earlier school closure in March 2020. In addition to allocating RWI books, as we did last time, I’ve also allocated videos from our Virtual Classroom which focus on teaching Set 1 digraphs, Set 2 or Set 3 sounds for reading and spelling.

Ditties will be allocated every two school days, RWI Storybooks (Green – Grey) will be allocated every four school days.

When children watch the RWI videos and read their RWI Storybook, please take and upload a photo or make a video and then click ‘MARK AS DONE’ to show me that they have read their book.

If you can’t upload a video or a photo, and your child has watched the video or read the story, then please just click ‘MARK AS DONE’.

It is REALLY helpful to know that children have read their storybook, so that I can continue to allocate RWI resources on Google Classroom.

If you have any questions about RWI or if I can help in anyway, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards and I hope to see you all again soon,

Maria Sullivan
Assistant Head Teacher, EYFS and RWI Lead.