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Office Manager: Rita Quigley
SENDCo: Caitlin Shaw

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William Patten Primary School


Dear parents,

As we start a new academic year, I would like to remind you about our school guidelines for health, hygiene and safety.

We are a NUT FREE SCHOOL at all times – this includes lunchtime and packed lunches, as well as food for trips, end of term parties, the fairs and cake sales. This means no Nutella, chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter sandwiches, coconut products or bars which contain nuts.

Sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks

These are not allowed in school at all, including lunchtime. The only time that these items are allowed in school is for the end of term parties or very special events. Children who have packed lunch may have a packet of crisps on Friday only. Please do not put chocolate biscuits or bars in packed lunches or mini packets of cookies.

Water bottles

Children are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to school. They can be topped up throughout the day as each classroom has a sink.


Children can now wear small, flat stud earrings. No other jewellery should be worn, including friendship bracelets, bead bracelets, festival bands, string etc. Watches or step can be worn, but not ones that can play games etc. Jewellery of religious significance may be worn.


William Patten does not have a school uniform and children are free to wear whatever they would like. Football shirts are not allowed, now including local teams. We used to allow the local clubs, but other children have said they feel this is very unfair, so we have amended the rule this year.  If we see a child wearing a football shirt, we will remind them not to wear it again. If the clothes are inappropriate, we will call home and ask for parents to bring in a replacement. It is very helpful if clothes are labelled with the child’s name. if they lose it, it is more likely to be returned much more quickly, if we know who it belongs to. This would also make Sandra, our Lost Property Queen’s life so much easier!


Children must not bring very large rucksacks to school. They are too big and heavy and take up too much space! Books should be in the William Patten bookbag and packed lunches in a small bag. Any other items need to be in a small bag. We know that there will be some occasions when children will need to bring a larger bag – if they are going swimming after school for example.


Please do not attach keyrings or toys to bookbags. A piece of ribbon or coloured string can be tied on, so children can recognise their own bag more easily.

Administration of medicines

If a child needs to take medication (e.g. antibiotics, Calpol, antihistamines etc) the medicine will be kept in the downstairs office. The parent must sign a parental consent form, which is available from the school office and give the form and medicine to Rita or Jane.

The medicine container should be clearly labelled with the child’s name, class, dosage and timing. Please note that this includes inhalers for asthma.

No child will be allowed to take or be given medication in school without the above being carried out.


Dogs should not be brought in the school or the playground. If you bring your dog to school, they must be tied up outside the gates or if they are very young and cannot be left, they must be carried.

Bikes and scooters
Children and adults are very welcome to bring their bikes and scooters to school, but they are NOT to be ridden in the playground. We would ask that everyone dismounts from their bike / scooter and walks with it into the playground to the appropriate rack. This includes after school and when collecting from clubs / Fit For Sport.


We would ask parents to check their child’s hair on a weekly basis and let school know if their child has headlice. We can then send out a letter to the whole class.

Emergency contact numbers

As you know, it is essential we have an emergency contact number in the event your child is ill or injured and we can’t contact you. If your emergency contact changes during the year, please let us know of a change in details or contact the office. It is very distressing for a child and worrying for the school, if we cannot contact a parent, if a child is unwell.

Appointments during school hours

Should your child have an appointment (dentist, doctor, optician etc.) during school hours he/she should bring their appointment card to school for entry in the appointments file. The absence will be authorised if proof is given. It is of course preferable that they have these appointments outside of school time.

Arrangements after school

Our office staff make every effort to help you with messages to your children. They do though find it impossible to pass on messages that arrive in the office just before the end of school. If you are going to be late please ring the school early enough for us to get a message to the child, i.e. before 3.00pm

Late children

Late children will now be collected from the bottom hall and not the office. An adult will need to sign their child out and a note will be made of the time they are collected. There is a charge of £5 every five minutes after 3.45pm for those who persistently pick up late (as per the charging policy)


Gates to use
Dynevor and Lancell Street are the gates to use for children and families to come into school in the morning. Please do not use Church Street gate in the morning to come into school.At the end of the day, Dynevor road, Lancell Street and Church street can be used to exit the playground. Please do not use the Daycare gate at any time.

Parents’ Evenings
We are changing the times of Parents’ Evenings to enable us to provide parents with assessment information.

In October, (Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th ), we will have two meetings to share how the children have settled in.

The next Parents’ Evening will take place in January (Thursday 11th,Tuesday 16th and Thursday 18th ). This will enable teachers to share the assessments from the end of the Autumn term and focus on targets and how parents can support their child at home

The final Parents’ Evening will take place in April (Tuesday 23rd, Thursday 25th and Tuesday 30th ) with the same rationale as the January meetings, with teachers sharing the end of Spring term assessments.

New platform for Online Payments and Consent forms

William Patten has a new managed information system replacing Pay360.

We now use Arbor which has a parents portal and app.

You will be shortly receiving a welcome letter with how to connect from which you will be able to pay for clubs, trips, make donations to the school fund, and consent to various activities.

You will also be able to confirm your child’s personal details and confirm contact details and much more.


Please note all forms are available on the school’s website*

*Documents and Forms | William Patten Primary School

If you have any other questions, please email and we will do our best to help.

Best wishes