William Patten Primary School
Stoke Newington Church Street
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Office Manager: Rita Quigley
SENDCo: Caitlin Shaw

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William Patten Primary School


As well as breakfast club and playcentre we also offer over 20 clubs before and after school and at lunchtime.

Breakfast clubs

Breakfast Club is a before-school club for children and provides a healthy breakfast and a choice of activities between 8am and the start of the school day.  To apply for a place please complete the breakfast club registration form or ask in the office for a paper copy. Breakfast club currently costs £3.50 per day.

Entrance to Breakfast club is through the large fire gates on Church St from 8am. If you arrive later than 8.25am then please ring the office buzzer. Please note if your child arrives later than 8.45am they may not receive a full breakfast due to the late time of arrival but will receive some fruit.

Before and after school & lunchtime clubs

We are always able to offer a wide range of clubs covering sports, arts, music and general interests. A list of clubs is sent out each school year and the information is updated, if clubs are introduced during the year. The majority of clubs are well established and we keep strict waiting lists for oversubscribed clubs. The areas offered enhance the curriculum and are taught by teachers or volunteers. We expect high standards of behaviour at after school clubs and if children do not respond to a system of warnings they will lose their place. We ask parents/carers to please pick children up promptly from clubs. If a child is collected late regularly, they may lose their place in the club.

Club List 2022 - 23


8.00-9.00 12.30-1.30 3.30-4.30
Before school Lunchtime After school
Monday KS1 Fencing

Top hall


Y3 Football

Football pitch


KS2 Running

Clissold Park

Y6 Steel Pans

Music room


KS2 Spanish

Computing suite


Y1 & Y2 Lego

Community space


Y3 & Y4 Cricket club

Top hall

Tuesday Y4 Football

Football pitch


Y2 Football

Small playground


KS2 Hip Hop / Streetdance

Top hall

KS2 choir
Top hall
Y2 & Y3 Lego

Community space


Y1 & Y2 Djembe club

Top hall

Wednesday Y1 & Y2 Gymnastics –

Top hall


Y5 & Y6 Advanced Fencing

Bottom hall


KS2 Girls Football

KS2 playground

Y5 & Y6 Gymnastics

Top hall


Y3 & Y4 Fencing

Bottom hall



KS2 Cheerleading

Bottom hall



Y3 & Y4 Chess

Art studio

Thursday Y5 Football

Football pitch


KS1 Hip Hop/


Bottom hall



KS1 choir
Top hall
KS2 Debating

Computing suite


Y3 & Y4 Mandarin

KS2 library


Y4 & Y5 Art

Art studio


Y2, Y3 & Y4 Ukulele

Music room


KS2 Drama

Top hall

Friday Y5 & Y6  Coding club

Computing suite


Y1 Football / Multi-sports

KS1 Football pitch


Y6 Football

Clissold Park

Y3 & Y4 Gymnastics

Top hall


Y2 & Y3

Nature club

Edible playground


Please note that there are currently spaces in the following clubs:

Y5 and 6 Running
Djembe drumming
KS2 hiphop
Y2 and 3 Lego
Y2 Football
Y3 and 4 Fencing
Y3 and 4 Running
KS1 Choir
Year 5 and 6 Coding
Y3 and 4 Gymnastics

Please email if your child is interested.

 Any other questions about clubs/club payments please email

Thank you.


Fit for Sport

William Patten has its own after school club which is run by Junior Adventures Group (JAG, formerly Fit for Sport) – and is open every school day from 3.30 – 6.00pm for children from Reception to Year 6. It provides supervised activities and a snack. Children must be registered with JAG before they are allowed to attend. Registration forms can be obtained online or parents can book directly by calling 0845 4563233. The current charge for JAG is £13.50 per child for a whole session (3.30 to 6.00pm) or £8.45 for an hour (from 3.30 to 4.30pm).