William Patten Primary School
Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0NX

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William Patten Primary School


We received 222 applicants this year for the William Patten Eco-Team! What an incredible turnout. It is so heart-warming to see how passionate the pupils are about making environmentally friendly, sustainable choices and wanting to implement change. Thank you to each and every child who took the time to share their ideas, it was a joy to read them. I know everyone will enjoy getting stuck into the whole school projects this year. Congratulations to the children who will be representing William Patten on the Eco-Team, they are...

2L – Margot and Theo
2C – Aalia and Tommy
3E – Ares and Emmy
3L – Berkay and Sawyer
4E – Evie and Leon
4M – Alex and Mohinder
5B – Aisha and Mohammed Talha
5H – Hector and Marnie
6H – Desiree and Tristan G
6M – Ben and Josephine