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William Patten Primary School


As a legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games, the government provides additional PE & Sport funding to sustain and improve the provision for physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they have the freedom to choose how they do this. This statement outlines how we have invested our funding and the impact of our previous year’s expenditure.

At our school we are committed to ensuring our children understand the importance of being active, having a healthy lifestyle and enjoy sports and games activities.

Sports & PE Funding 2020 – 2021

For the academic year 2020 /2021, we have been allocated £19,580 for Sports & PE Funding.

The funding will continue to be used for:

• Providing continuing professional development for our teaching staff by giving them the opportunity to work alongside a specialist gymnastics teacher, developing their skills and subject knowledge.
• Utilising a specialist PE lead and additional football coach to oversee participation in borough competitions, the structure of school teams and the training programme for their development.
• Whole school cycle training ( particularly Early Years & KS1) to children all our pupils are able to cycle safely and to encourage them to cycle to school
• To increase girls participation in sports
• To ensure adequate supervision at the staggered lunchtimes for all pupils both in terms of quality and quantity

Although Covid-19 has impacted how we use this funding for the provision of sport and PE this year, on the other hand it has also greatly aided and supplemented in the quick recovery of PE & Sport provision after lockdown in allowing sports and PE to take place with the emphasis of physical activity and restoration of mind and body activities for our pupils, e.g. gymnastics sessions for Year 6s, Running Clubs and Football clubs.

The school will measure the impact of the sports fund grant spending at the end of 2020 – 2021 through pupil interviews, evaluations completed by the sports coach, analysis of attendance at clubs / activities.

Use of Funds in 2019/ 20

Impact in 2018 - 2019:

• All teachers have had the opportunity to work with our specialist sports coach to develop their skills in teaching physical education through a coaching model of observation, team teaching, skill building and review. Evaluations demonstrate a wide range of skills and techniques modelled through this process. As a result, teachers ensure that delivery of the PE curriculum includes effective pitch, differentiation for least able pupils and building in challenge for more able pupils.
• The curriculum has been further developed to make links between the teaching of skills and competitive sport through interschool competitions thus creating purpose and context to learning. We have increased the number of competition entered by over 50%.
• All children in Year 3 worked with New Adventures for a half term, resulting in their own dance performance of Swan Lake.
• All pupils in Year 4 attended weekly swimming lessons at a local swimming pool.
• All Year 6 children took part in a variety of physical activity such as rowing, archery, capoeira, orienteering, and HIIT which would not usually form part of a primary curriculum, inspiring interest and aptitude in a range of disciplines.
• Affordable after school clubs run by specialist coaches offered a range of differentiation based on experience e.g. beginners, experienced and advanced in gymnastics, fencing and cheerleading.
• Additional sports clubs such as running for Years 3 and 4 and contemporary dance increased the number of children participating in physical activity before and after school.
• The William Patten Football League at lunchtimes has seen increased participation from non-football players and girls, as the teams are mixed age and gender. Over 70% of children in KS2 choose to participate.

Impact of swimming lessons in 2018 - 2019: