William Patten Primary School
Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0NX

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William Patten Primary School


Instrument of Governors

1 Head teacher
3 Parent governors
1 Staff governor
1 Local Authority governor
5 Co-opted governors

1 Vacancy

Total number of governors – 12

Term of office is 4 years.

There are two committees: Resources (RC) and Achievement (AC).

The Chair of the Governing Body is Carol Lees
The Vice Chair is Donagh Collins
The Chair of the Achievement Committee is Donagh Collins
The Chair of the Resources Committee is Carol Lees

William Patten FGB Terms of Reference 

Name Date of appoint-ment Term



Type of Governor Term



Business / Pecuniary interests Read ‘Keeping Children

Safe in Education’

Attendance record

setting 26.9.22

 FGB /Achievement


FGB / Resources


Karen Law 10/07/19 4 years Head teacher N/A None Yes
Julian Winship 10/07/19 4 years Co-opted 09/07/23 None Yes
Gail Atkinson 10/07/19 4 years Co-opted 09/07/23 Interest declared Yes A A
Helen McNulty 18/06/21 4 years Parent 17/06/25 Interest declared Yes
Sian Davies 20/01/22 4 years Staff 19/01/26 None Yes
Vacancy Co-opted
Carol Lees 05/12/20 4 years Co-opted


07/03/25 Interest declared Yes
Paula Biswas 17/05/19 4 years Co-opted 28/04/23 None Yes A
Donagh Collins 29/04/19 4 years Local authority

Vice chair

01/09/23 None Yes A
Alex Shepherd 18/11/19 4 years Parent 01/10/23 None Yes A
Nandi Simpson 18/06/21 4 years Parent 17/06/25 None Yes