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William Patten Primary School


Our School Council meet every two weeks to discuss issues affecting them and share the views of their class. They suggest new ideas and are the pupils’ voice of William Patten.

School Council Meetings

The WP School Councillors meet with Sian (Deputy Head / Inclusion Lead) every two weeks and bring ideas and suggestions from their classes in a special School Council book. They wear their badges with pride and are dedicated, active and determined to make change. Follow the links below to find out what they’ve been talking about so far this year. Reports are also published in our school newsletter, the Patten Pages.

School Council Questions and Actions Autumn Term 1

School Council Questions and Actions Autumn Term 2

School Council Questions and Actions Spring Term 


Charity Collections

This year, our School Council have been collecting for charity at the school gates. Each month a year group chooses a charity (or two!) and their elected Councillors decorate the buckets with charity logos and shake at the gates!



School Council Members 2021-22

This year’s School Council members are:

2L – Gene & Lily
2C – Arlo & Nisa
3L – Asya & Emir
3E – Aidan & Olivia
4E – Luc & Una
4M – Amber & Bruno
5B – Aarya & Max
5H – Edith & Eli
6H – Josh & Sophia
6M – Dylan & Sophie

They are our pupil voice for the year and meet every two weeks to share the views, ideas and suggestions, from the pupils at WP.


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