William Patten Primary School
Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16 0NX
Office Manager: Rita Quigley
SENDCo: Caitlin Shaw

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William Patten Primary School


Our aim is to help children develop into confident, active and thoughtful young people who leave William Patten well prepared for education and life beyond primary school.

We believe we best achieve this by:

Giving them the skills they need for success inside and outside school

  • Social skills – the development of friendships, trust and a sense of community
  • Effective numeracy, literacy and research skills and a love of reading
  • Computing skills required by a technologically advancing world
  • Appreciation of and ability to keep themselves healthy and express themselves through sport, music, visual and performance arts
  • An understanding of their responsibilities to themselves and their environment

Developing values and attitudes which contribute to achievement inside and outside school

  • Self-confidence and belief in their own value, and the confidence and desire to fulfil their individual potential
  • Respect for others, a sense of community and understanding of everyone’s role within and outside the school
  • A love of learning and a belief in the value of lifelong learning

We foster these skills and attitudes through:

  • High expectations of all children and staff
  • High standards of teaching and resources, both in the core curriculum and in PE, music, technology, art and design
  • Discipline based on self-respect and awareness of others
  • The recognition and celebration of achievements
  • A friendly, supportive, purposeful school community which values and looks after all its members
  • Strong links with the world beyond school and a sense of how individuals and communities can contribute to a better society