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International Activity with Walukuba West Primary School in Uganda

You will have seen that there are currently lots of leaves on the floor in the playground! This week, the Year 1 and 2 children had lots of fun with these and completed challenges to find different coloured leaves for their teachers. The classes discussed the fact that green leaves are now more difficult to find as it is Autumn and most of the trees in our playground shed their leaves. We will be sending some of our pictures of the KS1 classes in the playground to our second partner school – Walukuba West Primary School – in Uganda. Teachers at Walukuba West, in the Jinja region of Uganda, will then send some photos of their children in the school grounds at this time of year, which our children will use to compare and contrast.
The seasons in Uganda are different to those in the UK, and the country generally experiences two wet seasons, and two dry seasons. A wet season coincides with Autumn here and we will do this activity again in January, April and July. This work will support the Y1 science topic of ‘Seasons’ (knowing when each of the four seasons occurs, what the features of each season are and how they change over the year). In Year 2, this work will support the Spring geography topic, and children will learn that Uganda lies on the equator and that the distance from the equator affects the weather. The children will also learn about how the temperatures during Uganda’s dry seasons vary from the temperatures in Britain during the summer. We look forward to further partnership working with the school in Walukuba west, who are also looking forward to comparing their location and weather with ours.